The War on Terror - Who's Really Losing? Persuasive Essay by Klc

The War on Terror - Who's Really Losing?
This paper looks at the war on terror and discusses censorship in the United States in this regard.
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In this article, the writer discusses that reactions to Dixie Chicks anti-war sentiments is proof that American freedom and Constitution-protected free speech is being squandered and illustrates how government dissent is becoming criminal. The writer maintains however, that the blame for the nation's censorship cannot be solely placed on the public, but lies deeper in society, in fundamental liberty protectors, and in government. The writer notes that the constitutional protection of free speech, freedom of press, freedom from government seizures without cause, freedom of association - all basic rights that the nation's founding fathers view as non-negotiable necessities to fight the evils of a police state - are under attack. The writer points out that the feeling of nationwide fear coupled with oppressive government tactics, notably the Patriot Act, has divided our country into two opposing groups and suppressed the anti-war side.

From the Paper:

"Now police and other law officials are allowed to investigate and arrest citizens without worrying about warrant. It allows police to act on their instinct and question anyone who they think may have connections to domestic terrorism without requiring a sanction from the courts. This is a huge disruption in the checks and balances system, where it eliminates the need for the court of law for authorization. This was a major blow to our civil liberties - depriving us of due process of law and freedom of speech among other freedoms.
"The biggest catalyst in political division is actually a secondary reactant, not directly from the government as the Patriot Act, but instead influenced by the government. It is the new patriotism spawned out of warped feelings of mandatory allegiance and national hysteria and fear following September 11th. The mindset has been established that those who are pro-America are good and those who are pro-Iraq are bad but those who are anti-war are bad as well. You cannot be in the middle you must take a side. Neutralism is the enemy."

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