The Self-Interest in Global Warming Persuasive Essay by Nicky

A persuasive paper on the motives behind the global warming hysteria.
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The paper argues that the science that explains climate changes is not the science that is being used to promote the self-interest concept of man-made global warming. The paper reveals that Al Gore's documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth" warns of the drastic results of man-made emissions but does not explain the science behind these warnings. The paper considers the claim that there is a vested interest in creating panic, such as Al Gore's "green" company that would benefit from the funding projects associated with global warming. The paper contends that we need to remain environmentally diligent, however, we cannot allow our diligence to disintegrate into hysteria, and allow people to avoid telling us the scientific facts.

From the Paper:

"North America was once covered by a glacier, and when it receded, or melted, the glacier left in its wake a vast wealth of fossil, mineral, and other information from which scientists have learned much about the evolution of our planet. The melting of the glaciers is a trend in climate change that has nothing to do with the emissions of man-made carbons into the air. The science that lends understanding to the climate changes that are occurring on earth right now, is not the same science that is being used to promote the self-interest concept of man-made global warming. There are many things wrong with using what has been called "voodoo science," to instill fear in people, and to mislead them to believe that mankind is killing the planet (Park, Robert, 2000, 31-33)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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