The Role of the Employee in Industrial Safety Persuasive Essay by Nicky

The Role of the Employee in Industrial Safety
A discussion on the responsibilities of employees in ensuring safety in the industrial work environment.
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The paper discusses how employees can take ownership of their industrial safety responsibilities by attending training and orientation programs on a regular basis, making safety awareness a part of everyday life and by reporting unsafe working conditions. The paper argues that employees must take responsibility and be accountable for industrial safety standards and regulation implementation to achieve a safer and better working environment.

From the Paper:

"Safety should and must be part of the corporate culture and employees are the embracers of this culture. But in embracing a culture of safety and security, it should not be a manner whereby that culture remains stagnant or in hiatus. It should be an evolving culture process improvement can be achieved. Again, process improvement must originate from the organizational management and trickled down to the employees. Once it has gone down to the employee level, detailed and specific improvements can be mustered on the industrial safety milieu to further enhance what is and come up with a better or the best what should and could. One of the better methodologies in improving industrial safety standards and practices is by adapting Performance Safety, "defined as an on-going review of processes, procedures, and practices through observation, workplace examinations, and task analysis. It is a total and comprehensive review of all performance areas (machine, worker, and environment) to ensure pro-active, continuous improvement in safe production at all levels. (DeVaul, 2001)"
"It is interesting to note that Performance Safety is an employee-centric methodology in the three-phase process of practices, procedures and processes; the employee has the choice in how to perform assigned tasks (DeVaul, 2001). This means that one of the primary beneficiaries of industrial safety procedures is part of the process improvement methodology and is taking responsibility for the activity."

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