The Role of Sex Education in Schools Persuasive Essay by Nicky

The Role of Sex Education in Schools
An examination of the controversy regarding sex education in schools today.
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The paper addresses the issue by considering the perspectives of parents, educators and students. The paper discusses the options of safe-sex education vs. abstinence only sex education and concludes by supporting the amalgamation of the two forms of sex education, that attempts to address the moral as well as physical obligation to students. The paper cautions against burying our collective heads in the sand to avoid controversy.

Students and Concluding Recommendations

From the Paper:

"The perspective of students through this small set of statistics is fundamentally clear that change is needed and that burying our collective heads in the sand to avoid controversy is not only ridiculous but does a serious disservice to the future human population. What the statistics actually show is that the situation may actually be getting worse rather than better and mainly because there is no sense that an amalgamated curriculum that teaches both abstinence and safe-sex has not been adopted as teens are receiving less information than ever before, on either end of the spectrum. The need then is clear that morality and even reasonable judgment about how premature sex can affect the individuals personal and not only physical development cannot be divorced from the curriculum, offering only the physical basics of sex and sexuality to students, nor can the issue be ignored to avoid controversy. Sexuality is a fundamental aspect of the human condition and will continue to be an issue that is in need of instruction, regardless of the arena. Schools have taken on this responsibility for many years and need to continue to do so, while also responsibly allowing morality, as it pertains to positive human growth and development, to be a part of the equation."

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