The Revolution of the 1960s and its Lasting Impact Persuasive Essay

The Revolution of the 1960s and its Lasting Impact
A discussion on the decade of the 1960s and the significance of its sexual revolution.
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The paper discusses the decade of the 1960s as one of the most pivotal in the history of the United States and around the world. The paper describes how people broke away from the shackles of conventional ideals and sexuality, the civil rights movement and the feminist movement arose, a previously hidden scene of counterculture appeared and protests of war were more fervent than ever before. The paper emphasizes how this revolution changed life forever for women, gays and minorities, and asserts that the lessons learned from this time in history are particularly relevant today.

From the Paper:

"What exactly was the Sexual Revolution of the 1960's? Essentially, it was an awakening of the people that inspired everyone - particularly women and the gay community - to liberate themselves from society's restrictive conventions concerning sexuality. The sexuality of a woman before the 1960's had long been not her own, rather it had been left up to the whim of her male partner. Women everywhere had had enough of feeling enslaved in such a way, thus feminism was born.
"This was the age of bra burnings and the first Playgirl magazine, abortion rights and the introduction of birth control pills. For the first time in history, women had full control of their own fertility with the Pill now widely available and abortion rights slowly being granted. With this new found freedom came a revolution that pushed women to break away from oppressive molds and finally discover the liberating power of taking full control of their own bodies. Women, however, were not the only ones gaining unprecedented liberation (Pastor)."

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