The Progressive Rape of Latin America by Europe and America Persuasive Essay by scribbler

The Progressive Rape of Latin America by Europe and America
This paper explores the nature of European and American exploitation of Latin America as discussed in "The Open Veins of Latin America", by Eduardo Galeano.
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The paper focuses on five main issues in the work, "The Open Veins of Latin America", by Eduardo Galeano. Firstly, the paper discusses the Spanish conquistadors' hunger for gold and silver and how it was the beginning of a consumption and desertion cycle that continues today in Latin America at the workers' expense. Secondly, the paper explains how Spain's debts and Brazil's forced underdevelopment allowed England to economically conquer Spain and Portugal in the development of Atlantic capitalism. Thirdly, the paper discusses how the latifundio, export agriculture and the monoculture in Latin America maintained the imperialist control by eliminating any opportunity for self-sufficiency in Latin America. Fourthly, the paper addresses how U.S. and British economic imperialism in Latin America was cemented through free trade, the discovery of minerals in the fertile earth of Latin America and sub-imperialism. Finally, the paper discusses the argument that American foreign aid and international banking institutions were merely a means for the United States to gain further control of the already conquered Latin American region. In conclusion, this author posits that one cannot help but recognize that the atrocities committed in Latin America are still continuing until today.

From the Paper:

"Latin America and its indigenous people were nothing more than a commodity to the European Colonists, like the inventions of gunpowder and printing. Just as printing paved the way for a creative explosion of mass-produced written word, Latin America and its precious metals and indigenous slaves paved the way for Europeans to fund for their own industrial emergence. (Galeano, 17) It wasn't Latin America itself that the Europeans wanted to incorporate, but any lands that would add wealth to their country's coffers. So when Columbus landed in the Americas, he found chocolate and silver and gold that could enrich his country's crown.
"Four main forces allowed Spain to commodify Latin America. The first is that Spain was a more developed country, with guns, swords and horses that shocked and awed the natives. The second was the conquistadors developed military prowess. They used the classic divide and conquer routine on the natives by allying themselves with the Tlaxcalans against Montezuma and splitting the empire to make it more vulnerable. (Galeano, 18). Coincidentally, the highly superstitious Mayans believed that their Pagan gods, some of which looked surprisingly like the Spaniards, had come to reap death and destruction upon them. (Galeano, 18)."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Galeano, Eduardo. The Open Veins of Latin America. New York: monthly review press, 1977.

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