The Problem of Plagiarism Persuasive Essay by Nicky

The Problem of Plagiarism
A paper on the problem of plagiarism and ethics in society today.
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The writer argues that students, editors, and others whose duties require them to compose research and written materials through the use of online technologies, should be ethically responsible and be held accountable for plagiarism. The writer discusses the issue of plagiarism today, why individuals plagiarize and how plagiarism is addressed by the concept of utilitarianism. The writer then looks at specific instances of plagiarism by both students and professors alike.

Why Do I Think This is a Problem?
Why Do I Find Online Plagiarism So Repugnant?
John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism Plays a Role in this Discussion
Why Do I Believe Students and Others Cheat Through Online Technologies?
Instances of Plagiarism and Data on Plagiarism

From the Paper:

"Because the current era of ongoing revolutions in communication technology - ever-faster computers, versatile cell phones, and remarkably efficient innovations like Google, Yahoo, and other search technologies - allows easy access to a multitude of materials, the temptation is always there to find suitable research and use it without proper attribution. A catchall phrase for this communication and information revolution that involves digital (computer) technology is "new media." And for many professionals, politicians, students and others, rather than paraphrase research with proper attribution, or quote directly with correct attribution, the quick and easy way to get the task done is to just use the existing material - located with ease thanks to new media - without doing the necessary critical thinking themselves. But that is unethical."

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