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The Problem of Illegal Immigration
A discussion on the costs and benefits of illegal immigrants entering the United States.
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Published on May 31, 2013 in Hot Topics (Immigration)

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The paper discusses how immigrant workers work in low paying jobs and displace legal Americans seeking the same positions, and, they do not pay taxes. Furthermore, the paper relates that illegal immigrants cost the health care system in America millions of dollars, and they are believed to be the cause behind the resurgence of many contagious diseases that had formerly been nearly eradicated. The paper also addresses the severe overcrowding in public schools and the corresponding decrease in the quality of the education. The paper looks at the positive aspects of immigration that include the less expensive fruits and vegetables, and the spread of cultural diversity to areas of the country. The paper concludes that building walls, increasing enforcement along the border, and enacting more laws are not likely to dissuade people looking for opportunity for their families; the answer to the present problems is one of accommodation.

From the Paper:

"Over the years the United States has been the symbol for the world in regard to immigration but in recent years illegal immigration has become a major problem for the United States and, as a result, it is being forced to examine itself and its immigration policy (Passel). The primary source for America's immigration policy is the 2,000 mile long border that it shares with Mexico. This border has seen untold numbers of illegal immigrants entering the country. The illegal entry of these immigrants has occurred despite the intense efforts of the United States' government to forestall these illegal entries through the use of 24 hour surveillance cameras, widespread use of radar, ground sensors, and increased use of border guards.
"The fact that these illegal aliens are entering the country is a problem in and of itself but the fact that these illegal aliens are also seeking and obtaining jobs when they enter the country complicates the issue further. These workers work in low paying jobs and displace legal Americans seeking the same positions and, because they are undocumented, they work under the table and do not pay taxes. This combination is the source of hard feelings against these illegal aliens and the cause of many employers participating in illegal hiring practices (Wharton School of Business)."

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