The Need for Affirmative Action Persuasive Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

The Need for Affirmative Action
A discussion of why affirmative action is necessary in our society.
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In this paper the author asserts that affirmative action is essential in our society in order to ensure that every American citizen has an equal chance to succeed. In particular, sexism and racism are cited as the reasons it should exist. The paper devotes several paragraphs to describing the challenges faced by women and people of color in the educational system and the workplace. Additionally, the author challenges the concept of "reverse discrimination," which supposedly favors minorities that are less qualified over better qualified whites. The paper summarizes the success of affirmative action and calls for those who criticize the program to improve it.

From the Paper:

"African-Americans have gone through tremendous suffering in the United States. They were first brought here as slaves, and had absolutely no rights. After the Civil War, they were freed, and promised a better life. That promise did not become a reality for a long time because society refused to allow their former slaves to have any rights. African-American children were not allowed to study in schools with whites. The black schools that were created were much worse then white schools, with an appalling learning environment, practically no materials and unqualified teachers. They were not able to get jobs because they had little, or no education, and because whites simply didn't want minorities to prosper."

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