The Native-American Plight Persuasive Essay by hicaliber

The Native-American Plight
A discussion of the history of European dominance and Native-American suppression in the United States.
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The paper discusses how the Native-American population is one of the most marginalized groups in American society. The paper relates that the government has treated the Native-American population as a separate and sovereign nation within the borders of the United States, while at the same time reducing their power and preventing it from thriving even in limited circumstances. The paper points out that any discussion of Native-Americans must recognize the variety of tribes in different parts of the country and the social and cultural elements that link them in opposition to the white society that pushed the Native-American out of one region after another. The paper concludes that the plight of the Native-American remains precarious as their culture is undermined and altered even today.

Early Period
Pre-Civil War
Twentieth Century

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