"The Meat We Eat, Is Killing Us" Persuasive Essay

"The Meat We Eat, Is Killing Us"
This paper examines modern meat production methods and the potential health hazard to humans.
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Published on Nov 26, 2008 in Nutrition (Food) , Medical and Health (Public Health Issues) , Nutrition (General)

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The author of this paper discusses modern methods of meat production and the possible harmful effects to human beings from the consumption of "factory farmed" meat products. The author suggests that meat producers, in an effort to shorten the time from birth to slaughter of a meat animal, resort to processes and food regimes that speed up the animal's development and ensure that it reaches a weight profitable for slaughter at a much faster rate. He goes on to suggest that this process, alongside other factors, results in meat being sold to the consumer that poses a health risk and has the potential of being lethal. He cites the case of "Mad Cow Disease" as an example of dangerous meat rearing practices and attempts to provide evidence to defend his statement.

From the Paper:

"Consumers are faced with hazardous health problems when eating domesticated animals such as chicken, pork, cattle, and fish. I do not wish to be eating meat that is in some way, shape or form altered by humans. Humans are adding hormones to domesticated animals to increase their size, ultimately increasing the profits for the meat companies. Another way they increase profit is to gather all the livestock into one location and feed them a cheaper substitute from what they are naturally accustomed to eating. In doing so the meat industry has penned livestock together, but diseases are prone to surface when concentrations of a single species are in one area, so the meat industry must give the livestock antibiotics to prevent the spread of disease. All these drugs and hormones will leave residues in our food, posing health risks. I want to eat meat that comes from the wild and is untouched by human hands because humans would rather have an extra dollar in their pocket than to ensure the health of the overall human population. I understand there is no way of feeding 6 billion people with wild animals, but if the meat industry could change some of its practices, maybe our meat would not be so risky to eat."

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