The Life of General Charles de Gaulle Persuasive Essay by Nicky

A review of the life, political strategies and impact of Charles de Gaulle, the French general, prime minister and President.
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The paper asserts that although not as internationally familiar as Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin or Hitler, Charles de Gaulle was an equally important figure in Europe during World War II and in the decades following. The paper provides an overview of de Gaulle's early years, his experiences in the French military and his rise to political power. The paper highlights how his military tactics and his decisions as a political leader were, and still are, a source of great controversy. The paper opines that whatever one believes about his strategies and political ideals, it is clear that de Gaulle lived his life with a largely selfless dedication to better his country.

From the Paper:

"Some of de Gaulle's character--particularly his love of France that constituted his "most sensitive" private and public concern--almost certainly came from his father, who as a veteran of the Franco-Prussia war had felt the sting of defeat in the French army (Ledwidge 57; Notable Biographies). Charles and his brothers were immersed in French history and culture from an early age; their father reportedly felt it a personal duty to restore France to prominence among the European territories and supposedly imparted this to his children (Notable Biographies). This is certainly one plausible explanation for de Gaulle's extreme patriotism and well-documented mistrust of "Anglo-Saxons," especially when it came to French matters.
"De Gaulle grew up in Lille, France, an industrial town in Northern France where his father was the headmaster of a Jesuit school and taught physics and mathematics (Spartacus Education; Notable Biographies). His uncle, also named Charles de Gaulle, proved to be another source of guidance and ideology to his young nephew. De Gaulle was particularly inspired by a passage from his uncle's book on the history of the Celts: "In a camp, surprised by enemy attack under cover of night, where each man is fighting alone, in dark confusion, no one asks for the grade or rank of the man who lifts up the standard and makes the first call to rally for resistance" (Notable Biographies)."

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