The Importance of Cryptology Persuasive Essay

The Importance of Cryptology
A brief discussion on the history of cryptology and its uses today.
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"Cryptology is the study of secret messages. Secret messages are necessary to protect certain information from getting into the wrong hands and allow certain people to aquire knowledge of the secret message decrypted. Decryption is the process of determining the original message from the encrypted message and encryption is the process of making a message secret. The earliest uses of cryptology date back to Julius Caesar. If cryptology dates back as early as 100 B.C, the possibilities for countless amounts of information to be decrypted are endless. There could be hidden messages still out there to warn us of impending trouble, inform us about the past, or educate us on any subject, location, or person. Therefore, the more we know about cryptology, the more hidden information we can discover that now remains undiscovered. It is imperative that we use our discrete math skills to find out this hidden information and bring it to the light.
"Julius Caesar's idea to encrypt a sentence or phrase was clever, but not full proof. His idea was to take every letter and advance the letter up by 3. For instance, the decrypted or normal message could be "RUN TO THE PARK". The message encrypted or put in hidden form according to Julius Caesar's method would read "UXQ WR WKH SDUN". However, there is more than one way to figure out what the hidden message contains.
"To express Caesar's encryption process mathematically, first replace each letter by an integer from 0 to 25, based on its position in the alphabet. For example, replace A by 0, K by 10, and Z by 25. Caesar's encryption method can be represented by the function f that assigns to the nonnegative integer p, p 25, the integer f(p) in the set {0, 1, 2, ... ,25} withf(p) = (p+3) mod 26 "(Rosen, 207).
"This formula uses a mathematical approach to encrypt the message. Using the letter l; l as an integer from 0-25 in the alphabet would be represented as 11. When you put 11 in the function as (p+3) mod 26, simplified it becomes 14 mod 26. 14 mod 26 is 14 which is represented as the letter. This mod function is in place to modify the left hand side of the function. When the left hand side is more than 26, then it goes back down in value from 0-25 so it can be properly represented as a letter. This is a clever use of the mod function and serves its purpose as a sort of bounds checking. Once you figure out that this function shifts the letter 3 letters up the alphabet, it becomes easier to understand and easier to decrypt and encrypt. This is why other encryption methods were required."

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