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The Global South and the Global North
An analysis of the impact of globalization on the inequality between the global north and the global south.
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Published on Dec 08, 2007 in Economics (International) , International Relations (General)

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This paper looks at globalization and discusses how it has exacerbated the pre-existing inequalities between the poor global south and the wealthy global north. It illustrates how globalization forces some people (predominantly in the southern regions of the planet) to work while permitting other people (predominantly individuals residing in the global north) to become wealthy.

From the Paper:

"To start with, it is commonly known that powerful multinational corporations in the global north habitually take their manufacturing operations from Europe and/or America and deposit those aforementioned manufacturing operations in global south countries where they can avoid the onerous regulatory regimes, high corporate taxes, and high wage costs they associate with the north. At the same time, the movement of jobs and plants to the south has the unhappy effect of not only costing workers jobs in the north but also of reducing the south to the subordinate position of being "hewers of wood and drawers of water" for multinationals that are looking for cheap human resources that can be utilized in a working environment that is more permissive than the highly-regulated work environments of America and/or Europe. A good example of this phenomenon can be found in the IT sector where skilled U.S. workers are losing jobs to individuals overseas (Sosbe, 4) - presumably because the "cost of doing business" vis-a-vis wage expenses is lower in global south nations which do not have a strong tradition of labor activism or of government involvement in employee-employer relations."

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