The Flaws of Capital Punishment Persuasive Essay

The Flaws of Capital Punishment
A discussion on capital punishment in the United States and around the world and its limitations.
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The paper provides an overview of capital punishment around the world and describes instances where executions have taken place in cruel and inhumane ways. The paper discusses the pressure from the international community to abolish capital punishment in China and the United States and outlines the arguments of those for and against this method of punishment. The paper argues that human rights are to be enforced at all times, even when criminals have gone beyond their limits, since that is exactly what distinguishes right from wrong and good from bad.

From the Paper:

"Capital Punishment, commonly referred to as death penalty, is a death sentence given by a state for an individual who has committed a serious crime in the society. This highest order of punishment is only awarded on a rare basis for the most heinous of crimes. Such crimes are called capital crimes or capital offences and mostly include murder, espionage, treason and sexual crimes. Capital Punishment has been widely practiced in the past where people were hanged to death or their heads chopped off often for small crimes. According to recent statistics only 58 countries actively practice capital punishment, while 96 countries have abolished it. This goes on to show the changing trends in the global arena where countries have opted to treat their prisoners in a more civilized manner instead of using inhumane ways of executing them. Capital punishment is a topic of active controversy and debate in various countries, and positions vary drastically within a single political ideology, cultural region, religion and government entities. EU member states are prohibited the use of capital punishment as stated in their Charter of Fundamental Rights. Amnesty International considers most countries abolitionist now since United Nations has taken steps to eradicate Capital Punishment. Nevertheless, it is interesting to know that more than 60% of the world's population currently lives in countries where death penalty is used on a regular basis as a means of punishment for serious offenders. These countries include China, India, US and Indonesia, which are also the four most populous countries in the world."

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