The Fallacy of Stereotypes Persuasive Essay by Nicky

A discussion on the common stereotypes regarding senior citizens, politicians, feminists and people with tattoos.
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Published on Jan 16, 2012 in Women Studies (Feminism) , Sociology (General) , Aging (General)

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The paper describes the stereotypes concerning old age and argues that seniors who are competent should not be judged because of the way aging affects some members of their peer group. The paper then addresses the stereotypes that politicians are 'crooks', and the stereotypes regarding feminists and those wearing tattoos. The paper emphasizes that for every person who conforms to a stereotype, there are often many more exceptions to that stereotype.

From the Paper:

"The concept of 'stereotyping' often calls to mind stereotypes as they pertain to racial, religious and ethnic minorities, women, and gay people. But these are far from the only stereotypes that exist within the culture and the media. People may be simply less apt to police their thoughts regarding stereotypes that do not fit into these neat categories. Take, for example, the stereotype of age. Often, when riding behind a slow car, the tendency is to immediately begin to curse the driver of the vehicle as 'some old person,' even if the identity of the driver may not be visible. Bad jokes about senior citizens and driving fill the rosters of seemingly countless late night television comedic monologues. There is also the stereotype that senior citizens are excessively thrifty--hence the fear of 'getting behind a senior citizen' in the grocery store. The stereotype is that the 'grandma' will have many coupons or will be writing a check to pay for the items, because the 'blue hair' is afraid to use a new-fangled credit card machine.
"There may be some logical basis for such stereotypes. Age causes eyesight and reflexes to diminish in capacity, hence a more careful and deliberate driving style. Many seniors are forced to live on fixed incomes. Because they are not forced to encounter new technology in the context of a changing workplace, retired senior citizens may be less comfortable with new things like cell phones and more change-resistant."

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