The Death Penalty Persuasive Essay by amchavez

The Death Penalty
An overview of the history of the death penalty with a focus on its use in America.
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This paper examines the international history of the death penalty and then takes a closer look at the use of the death penalty in the United States. The paper highlights the fact that in most countries, gender and age discrimination are not a factor with regards to the death penalty. The writer points out that there are juveniles on death row. The writer also looks at different religions and their opinion on the death penalty. The writer concludes that until the law changes, law enforcement and prosecutors should continue to advocate the death penalty in cases of murder and crimes involving children. The writer also believes that the death penalty is the only punishment that sends the message to criminals that murder and other acts of violence and crimes are absolutely unacceptable.

From the Paper:

"There are crimes considered by our society to be so atrocious and intolerable such as murder or rape of a child that if convicted, that the only punishment suitable for committing these crimes is the Death Penalty. The Death Penalty, also called Capital Punishment, is the execution of a convicted criminal by the state as reprisal for crimes known as capital crimes or offenses. This type of punishment is set aside for crimes like premeditated murder, espionage and treason. From the primitive people to the modern world as it is today, the death penalty remains the largest and most controversial part of the criminal justice system. Supporters of capital punishment argue that it deters crimes, while opponents of capital punishment argue that it violates human rights. As we explore this much debated topic, we will discover the past, present and future of death penalty."

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