The Dangers of Advertising Persuasive Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

The Dangers of Advertising
A passionate discussion on the potent effects of marketing and advertising on our society today.
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The writer contends that as a result of advertising, the American nation as a whole is slowly losing all individuality, to transfigure as a consumption driven entity that is essentially just a product itself. The writer then shows how marketing has used psychological tools that provide individuals with desires that slowly seep into one's self and drive one into submission. The writer looks at the television as one of the mediums for advertising towards children and teenagers. The writer also discusses the implications of commercials, such as those for toys that romanticize the idea of war to children, and of advertisements geared towards teenagers that show them what they need in order to be "cool" like everyone else. The writer calls upon society to resist the pull of consumerism and of copying what others are doing and buying.

From the Paper:

"As the United States has evolved into a multi-market-driven-economy, the advances of advertisement have had a great influence over its identity. Marketing and advertisement are synonymous. Advertising has affected the individual by bombarding one with images that stimulate not only the conscious mind but the unconscious, the uncontrollable, as well. Marketing has used psychological tools which provide individuals with desires, desires which slowly seep into one and drive one into submission. Advertising has delivered objects with abstract values, which are then taken by one and used as "substitutes" for one's existence. Although marketing has been accused for making society a numb and cultureless entity, it is society who is taking advantage of the opportunities provided by it."

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