The Controversy of Sex Education Persuasive Essay by Peter Pen

A persuasive paper on the role of sex education in our schools and homes.
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The paper explains the benefits and drawbacks of schools vs. parents providing a sexual education to teenagers and explains that schools will not educate the students with morals and religious beliefs, but parents are generally biased when it comes to their own children. The paper therefore argues that the best solution is for sexual education to be taught in both homes and schools so children will be aware of every aspect of a sexual relationship. The paper strongly contends that in our society, the question is no longer if sexual education should be taught, but where it should be taught.

From the Paper:

"In a perfect world, children will wait until marriage and be in love when they have sex for the first time. In a perfect world, every parent would pass on the knowledge they need to conduct safe and happy sex lives. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and the sooner parents realize this, the better. Since sex is a confidential subject, some parents believe that the subject should be taught solely in the home. They believe that schools should not be teaching subjects involving sex because it may conflict with their own values, and some parents do not want schools promoting sex at all. According to Mindy Craver, an educator from Planned Parenthood, parents are the prime educators for their children when it involves sex. Parents are the ones who teach their children the moral and religious values that they need to make mature decisions about sexual scenarios, and parents are also the ones who help their children through whatever happens if they have sex (1)."

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