The Case for Marijuana Legalization Persuasive Essay

The Case for Marijuana Legalization
A persuasive argument on the benefits of marijuana legalization.
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Published on Jun 16, 2014 in Medical and Health (Drugs) , Hot Topics (General)

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"Marijuana,cannabis, pot, weed, reefer, Mary Jane, skunk, gong, and grass are words sure to conjure up images of teenagers smoking in a college dorm room orfinding their inner spirit animal while listening to Hendrixat Woodstock. For some, these images are associated with reckless behavior and serious addiction. In light of today's research, these longstanding stereotypes should be challenged.Marijuana has long existed as a drug important to earlier cultures around the world for economic, medical, and recreational use. Unfortunately, its negative image has caused marijuana to remain outlawed in the United States since World War II.United States law places marijuana in a category of drugs on par with heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. These policies have incarceratedtoo many people, and as a result, taxpayers are losing out in the long run. This is a problem. Recent findings have shown that marijuana does have medicinal benefits, is a relatively safe recreational drug, and would increase tax revenues if legalized and regulated.American marijuana laws need rethought for said reasons. The benefits of marijuana legalization far outweigh the argument for prohibition.That said, I suggest American citizens should advocate for legalizing marijuana and immediately remove it from the federal government's Schedule One List of Controlled Substances.
"The recent attention marijuana has received is well documented. This past election, voters in Washington and Colorado chose to legalize marijuana.Other states considered marijuana initiatives, with some passing medicinal marijuana legalization while others continued prohibition policies. A debate about legalization is to be had, but the arguments of one side seem skewed to misrepresent the truth. In order to determine who is right, it is important to get to the roots of the modern controversy. The findings of doing so bolster the argument for legalizing marijuana."

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