The Burden of Illegal Immigration Persuasive Essay by Bryant Tinsley

The Burden of Illegal Immigration
A persuasive essay on the burden of illegal immigration, specifically in the areas of driving and healthcare.
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The paper focuses on the effects illegal drivers have on the economy. The paper discusses the state's loss of tax revenues, the danger these drivers pose to all those around them, the rise in insurance costs for everyone else, the need to increase police presence on the roads and the lack of tax revenue when a car is purchased. The paper then examines illegal aliens' burden on the healthcare system when they use emergency rooms at a local hospital that cannot refuse them treatment. The paper contends that illegal aliens take advantage of the privileges of driving and healthcare every day and cost the legal American citizens money.

From the Paper:

"The privilege of driving is probably the greatest influence on the nation's economic well being at all levels. Any Florida resident, who qualifies, may be issued a driver's permit by the state. When a person takes the time to obtain a permit they pay the state for the privilege. Funds are generated at the local level and are returned from the state and federal levels for building the infrastructure necessary to accommodate those who have paid their way. An illegal alien is not permitted to obtain a driver's permit by law. That does not stop those people from driving. Not only has the state been deprived of pay for the driver on the road but also funds have not been sent back to account for the driver."

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