The Baltimore City Fire Department and Wilson's Death Persuasive Essay by Nicky

The paper explores the February 9, 2007 Baltimore City Fire Department (BCFD) fire training exercise that resulted in the death of recruit Racheal Wilson.
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The paper reviews and analyses the facts of the case based on BCFD regulations and on proper procedures for training exercises laid out thoroughly in the National Fire Prevention Association's NFPA 1403 - "Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions, 2002 Edition." The paper highlights a number of serious violations and includes the recommendations for the fire department to avoid future tragedies. The paper addresses the question of overall bottom line responsibility in the death and also discusses how the BCFD has failed to submit paperwork and so has prevented Wilson's family from receiving funds from the government. The paper concludes that the way this case was handled from the beginning of Racheal Wilson's employment right up to November 2009 is unconscionable and irresponsible on the part of the BCFD.

Introduction - NIOSH Fire Fighter Investigation / Prevention
The Sequence and Details from the Training Exercise
Did the Wilson Death Impact how BCFD Conducts its Business?
Looking Deeper into Where the Responsibility Lies for Wilson's Death
Conclusion - Update on Where the Case Stands Now

From the Paper:

"The hoses were not "charged" (containing high pressure water) when Wilson and others entered the front door of the building. On the second floor Wilson and others "encountered fire" in the hallway and when Wilson opened the nozzle she "...was knocked backwards by the pressure of the water that was now flowing." PM Stephanie Cisneros then helped Wilson to her feet; meantime, EVD Ryan Wenger put out the hallway fire. The rest of the 2nd floor fire was left burning, according to the BCFD report.
"Wilson is again given the "pipe" (hose) and they advance to the 3rd floor. Wilson begins to put out a fire directly to her right and Wenger is within 3 feet of Wilson. Cisneros is on the "upper level of the split-level stairs" and "begins to receive burns to her left leg from heat coming from the fire in the second floor rear room" (BCFD. In fact the fire from the 2nd floor is burning through the wall into the stairwell. Cisneros goes to the top of the steps and sees Wegner sitting on the windowsill; Cisneros tells Wegner she is rushing to get out of the building. Wegner gets out first through the window (onto the roof of the 2nd floor) and helps Cisneros in getting out."

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