The American Dream: Only For Whites Persuasive Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

The American Dream: Only For Whites
An argument that the US Declaration of Independence has not yet offered true equality to black people in the US.
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Published on Sep 09, 2009 in English (Argument) , African-American Studies (Racism) , Ethnic Studies (General)

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This paper contends that Jefferson's Declaration of Independence that symbolized the classic American Dream has yet to be fully materialized for people of color. The paper argues that wealth and prosperity are tantamount to better health, education and opportunity and reveals that there is a gross majority of non-whites inhabiting America's slums and ghettos. The paper asserts that the true reality of the American Dream was proven during the Hurricane Katrina debacle in which the Bush administration failed to provide emergency services for victims, who were mainly black individuals.

From the Paper:

"Regarded as one of the most eminent documents in US History, Jefferson's Declaration of Independence symbolized the classic American Dream which culminates in happiness for all. However, since that first night of victory in 1776, this "dream" has yet to be fully materialized in society. Well, for some that is. For people like Jefferson- well-to-do, educated, wealthy, white men- the American dream has very much become and stayed a reality for themselves and their progeny. For others- people of color- the dream is still a faraway dream. Perhaps, the flaw in the document is that there exists a basic hardened lie-- that not "all men" are created equal. Certainly, not "all men" of color who were enslaved at the time nor women who had very little rights would agree with this statement. Even at the outset of delivering a universal manifesto of freedom, Jefferson failed to see that "all men" were actually "white men.""

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