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Teaching English as a Second Language
This paper discusses the best way to impart a second language through a content-based and communicative immersion approach.
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In this article the writer discusses that unlike teaching a student how to diagram a cell in biology class or how to deconstruct a poem in English class, the aim of foreign language education is not simply to teach students how to learn, but to impart a functional skill. This is especially true in English as a Second Language (ESL) education, where the students are acquiring a language that may become their primary language in their education or in their workplace. The writer points out that it is critical that students acquire language vocabulary that is likely to be useful for them in their daily lives, and that the students are quickly immersed in the language in a way that replicates their exposure to the language in daily life. In this paper, the writer looks at the communicative language teaching (CLT) approach, which stresses the fact that students learn to communicate through the action of communicating without merely learning about communicating in that language.

From the Paper:

"Unlike a purely structuralist approach to teaching language that stresses learning foreign grammar structures in isolated and often unnatural ways, the technique of language content-based immersion exposes students to a new language in a holistic fashion. Even a successful structuralist method, such as the audiolingual method, in which the foreign language lessons are arranged on grammatical principles but in which the students are not responsible for any metalanguage tends to isolate grammatical principles from one another in a way that is not commensurate with how students are exposed to language in the lived environment outside of the classroom, and also tends to isolate acquiring vocabulary through intuition from correct grammatical usage. In contrast, communicative orientation in language teaching, with a student-focused perspective, is more evident in a content-based immersion approach. Such an approach encourages students use new expressions to impart their desired meaning in a way that enables them to truly communicate what they want to say in a given situation, rather than replicate the language patterns of a teacher by rote. A communication-focused approach also breaks down possible inhibitions about using the second language and making mistakes, as sometimes the English language is not even the main focus of the classroom, merely communicating something interesting about another subject."

Sample of Sources Used:

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