Teaching Aboriginal Art Persuasive Essay by Nicky

A persuasive argument for the teaching of aboriginal art and culture in Canada's mainstream provincial schools.
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The paper reveals that the First Nations, and other aboriginal peoples, are still being marginalized today, as seen by the fact that schools neglect to teach about aboriginal culture. The paper then argues that one of the best ways to introduce young students to the rich and complex culture of the many indigenous people is through an examination of their art. The paper discusses the attitude of many European-descended people towards the aboriginal community's culture and art and how it is typified by a lack of knowledge regarding them. The paper contends that promoting diversity and an understanding between cultures is an essential accomplishment in these times and therefore calls for Canadian schools to teach about aboriginal art and other aspects of aboriginal culture.

From the Paper:

"Canada has a very rich and unique history in the modern era, having maintained connections to its parent country while achieving independence in a peaceful manner. At first, Canada was also unique in the relationships formed between early settlers and the indigenous tribes that existed in the country for thousands of years--since the beginning of time, according to many members of the First Nations. Unfortunately, Canada's unique peaceful and accommodating ways could not stand up to the test of time, and eventually many of the people of the First Nations and the other indigenous peoples of the Canadian region lost their ancestral homelands and eventually even their culture. Especially in the latter half of the twentieth century and into our current era, there have been several movements since the time these people were first marginalized to recapture and relearn the things the people of these cultures can offer."

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