Stem Cell Research Must be Encouraged Persuasive Essay by Nicky

Stem Cell Research Must be Encouraged
An argument in favor stem cell research under appropriate ethical guidelines.
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The paper provides an overview of the stem cell controversy and presents the thesis that while there are numerous legitimate ethical concerns raised by stem cell research, they are fully capable of effective regulation and control by appropriate medical ethics, law, and public policy. The paper argues that since the most essential and fundamental purpose of medicine is to improve the human condition, opposition to stem cell research in principle is incapable of being justified objectively. The paper includes the arguments for and against stem cell research.

Introduction to the Controversy
Thesis Statement
The Arguments Against Stem Cell Research
The Argument for Stem Cell Research
Critical Analysis

From the Paper:

"The 20th century saw the greatest technological developments in the history of man on earth but was also marred by some of the worst imaginable atrocities, many of which were perpetrated on the basis of race and ethnicity. Those tremendous atrocities could conceivably have been even worse had the Nazis (for just one example) also been able to incorporate stem cell science into their eugenic policies. Had stem cell research begun in earnest just a half century earlier, the Nazis - in addition to enslaving and murdering civilians - could have artificially created human breeding farms to provide a servant class to serve the "Master Race."
"Likewise, criminals have been exploiting medical research for profit since the first autopsies in the Late Middle Ages created a market for grave robbers. There are numerous very dangerous consequences of purposeful misuse of stem cell scientific research by modern-day criminals. Even many of the lawful intended uses of stem cell scientific research present potential ethical problems, such as in connection with the privacy of medical history and other protected information. The reduction of complete personal genetic profiles to a computer file enables a whole new type of discrimination, particularly in the workplace by virtue of the current responsibility of employers to provide comprehensive healthcare (Dershowitz, 2002 p 230; Levine, 2008 p10,88)."

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