Social Security and Retirement Planning: Why Your Future Lies in Your Own Hands Persuasive Essay by SBurtis

Social Security and Retirement Planning: Why Your Future Lies in Your Own Hands
An argument on the importance of a retirement savings plan for a financially secure retirement.
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The paper argues that many people fail to adequately plan for their future, mainly because they do not understand the importance of this planning, or because they do not understand that sole reliance on government funds as a source of primary income was never the intention of the U.S. Social Security plan. The paper explains how Social Security works, including its complications and limitations, and discusses why it faces an uncertain future. The paper addresses the importance of planning for retirement and discusses the various options for saving money and investing, including a recommended saving strategy.
The paper contends that the most important thing to remember is that the responsibility for your financial future belongs to you, not the U.S. government.

Social Security as a System
Retirement Planning and Your Financial Future

From the Paper:

"Since its inception, Social Security has been a fundamental safety net for aging Americans. However, far too many people rely on this system as their primary source of retirement income, failing to realize that its intention is as a supplement to other sources of retirement income. Social Security benefits bring with them a number of limitations and conditions, as well as a questionable future for the system as a whole. It is vital that the American public see Social Security for what it is, take responsibility for their own financial future, and adequately plan for their retirement years beyond the minimal funds provided by Social Security. Your future is your responsibility. Reliance on a government system with conditions and limitations, that may not even exist in the future, is not a smart financial plan.
"In order to understand why Social Security should be viewed as the supplementary income it is intended to be ("Young workers and saving..." n.d.), it is important to learn how the system works as well as the limitations and conditions to expect. Just because Uncle Joe was once a successful executive and now receives a hefty sum from Social Security every month, does not mean that everyone should expect the same when they retire. The amount of Social Security benefits one can expect to receive is determined by a various factors unique to each individual: retirement age, the amount paid into the system during their working years, and the number of years worked and credits earned."

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