Single Parent Homes and Juvenile Delinquency Persuasive Essay by academic

Single Parent Homes and Juvenile Delinquency
A discussion on how children raised in broken homes are far more susceptible to becoming criminals than those raised in two-parent households.
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Published on Dec 16, 2003 in Criminology (Juvenile Justice) , Sociology (General) , Child, Youth Issues (General)

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This paper discusses the phenomenon of single-parent households and its relationship to the growth and development of juvenile delinquency. It looks at how single-parenthood is an almost automatic first strike against any child, in particular, the inner city youth. The loss of sound guidance and advice forces minority children to find a sense of belonging outside of the family home. Deprived of adequate adult role models, they look instead at images they see on the street or in the media, images that glorify crime and violence. It also suggests a case study to analyze the relationship between single-parent households and childhood propensities for violent and other anti-social behavior.

Literature Review

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"The minority child growing up without a father or mother increasingly sees crime, and anti-social behavior in general, as the road to success. His idols are criminals or people who espouse criminal ideals. In a 1997 documentary, Rhyme and Reason, Gangsta Rapper Ice-T was quoted as saying, "My earliest heroes were drug dealers with gold chains. Once you've tasted the adrenaline rush of crime, you're intoxicated forever. Any way you can't get out of the gang once you've been there, so I have to carry a gun." (Weems, 1997) While this particular film (according to the review) tries to be upbeat, and purports to show the positive aspects of Gangsta Rap, there is no denying the serious negative impact of words like Ice-T's on the millions of minority youth who listen to Rap Music, and worship figures like himself."

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