Should We Vote or Not? Why? Persuasive Essay by Nicky

Should We Vote or Not? Why?
Analysis of the benefits and liabilities of voting or abstaining from voting.
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Published on Jul 24, 2010 in Political Science (Election and Campaigns) , Law (Constitution)

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This paper aims to present theories as to why the American voting rate is declining, despite the long struggle of many Americans to win the right to vote. The paper states that some economists argue that individual voting is futile, as the citizen does not have the ability to critically influence the outcome of the process, purporting that no election was ever lost due to one missing vote. The counterargument responds that a couple hundred votes can indeed make a difference in a close tie, and that the vote is the weapon the average American citizen possesses and his most important means of communicating with the politicians. The paper summarizes that decreased voting may be in response to a lack of trust in the political system, an increased focus on personal problems, or simply a lack of interest, but concludes that voting not only manifests our constitutional right and allows us perform our civic duty, but also helps us become better educated, improves our health, and helps us raise our children to be worthy members of the society.

Viewpoints Relative to Voting
Why We Should Not Vote
Why We Should Vote
Personal Standpoint

From the Paper:

"Then, the ability to vote is our most effective means of communicating with the politicians. If we want them to place more emphasis on the increasing gap between economic growth and development and the income increase for instance, we should vote for the candidate who addresses this matter. A most important personal argument is based on the observation of individual behaviors. In this order of ideas, many of my acquaintances comply about the current status of the U.S., but they did not vote in the previous elections. They argue that Bush's obsession with the war on terrorism has generated a record high federal debt and as result, the quality of the state services (such as schooling or healthcare) has decreased significantly. But I say their right to complain was declined when they did not vote. Therefore, if we want to make a difference, we should vote in the current elections. We should study the political backgrounds of both John McCain and Barack Obama. We should try to align our individual goals with the goals of the candidates and vote for the one that best meets the needs."

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