Should Pit Bull Terriers be Banned? Persuasive Essay

Should Pit Bull Terriers be Banned?
An argument against banning pit bull terriers.
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Published on Aug 30, 2014 in Biology (Zoology) , Law (General) , Political Science (General)

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"On November 7, 2007, eleven-year-old Seth Lovitt was playing at his home with his nine-year-old brother. This carefree day turned into a nightmare for the Lovitt family. The family's pit bull terrier leaped off the couch and knocked Seth to the ground, where it attacked and killed him.
"According to the media, attacks like that of Seth's are not uncommon and that in the last few years, many people have been attacked and killed by pit bull terriers. These people can be anybody--an elderly person, an infant, a child, a stranger, or, in Seth Lovitt's case, a family member. The killer dogs can be trained or untrained. However, this is not the case. Pit bull attacks are not as common as the media makes them seem.
According to some, the only pit bulls that attack are those that are not trained or were trained to be aggressive. In truth, some pit bull attacks have been done by pit bulls that were trained and generally well-behaved dogs. If a dog has a strong attack drive, this cannot be trained out of them. Pit bulls can be unpredictable dogs and have been known to sometimes turn on their owner. However, dogs like these are not common. Most pit bulls are good dogs. Unfortunately, a few maniacs in any group makes the entire group look bad. So is the case with pit bulls.
"In the past, pit bulls were very common as family dogs. They have fought beside our soldiers in battle and have given an invaluable service to our police forces. Regrettably, in recent years pit bulls have gotten a bad name. As pit bulls become more popular, attacks by these dogs are more common. This is the case with any dog breed."

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