Should Drugs be Legal? Persuasive Essay by Master Researcher

Should Drugs be Legal?
An argument in favor of legalizing drugs.
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The paper discusses the damage wrought by drugs, alcohol and tobacco, and argues that if drugs were legalized, there could be taxes placed on the drugs and the economy would benefit. The paper further argues that drugs might be pure and not laced with "junk" that will make the drugs more lethal, and, if drugs were legal perhaps the appeal would not be the same as the "forbidden fruit" when they are outlawed. The paper concludes that the drug war has not been the answer; perhaps legalization will prove to be the effective solution.

From the Paper:

"The topic of drugs has been discussed from the early days of colonization to the present. The drug war has been fought and continues to be, but are there better solutions than this? Should drugs be legal? Drugs that are legal have to be of a better quality than some drug lord would require. If drugs were legal they could be taxed and the profits go to the government. Drug abuse continues to grow even though they are illegal. "The U.S. alone spends almost $40 billion annually fighting the drug war, and other countries also spend big sums" (Becker 2001). Certainly, the government's drug policy is not working. What is the solution?
"Alcohol and cigarettes are legal, but consider the harm they play on the lives of millions of people. Someone can go to a bar, get drunk, drives his car, and kills an innocent person. Yet, alcohol is legal. When it was illegal it continued to flourish, but in the hands of criminal gangsters. Cigarettes have the warning of the surgeon general on them, but this does not keep adults from buying them. "Nobody denies that drugs, legal and illegal, can ruin lives; tobacco alone is implicated in more than a 100,000 deaths a year" (Drugs 2002)."

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