Sexism and Canadian Women's Hockey Persuasive Essay by Quality Writers

Sexism and Canadian Women's Hockey
This paper looks at the part played by sexism in the Canadian women's hockey field.
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In this article, the writer notes that today's society is based on a gender binary that requires men and women to be opposites. Men are expected to be active and aggressive; women are expected to be inactive and passive. The writer discusses that women in sports directly challenge this gender binary - they are not passive, but rather the opposite of passive. The writer maintains that women in sports are sometimes subjected to the abuse and discrimination that all gender outlaws in our society attract. The writer points out that this issue is particularly marked in Canadian women's hockey. The women's team is far more successful than the men's team and yet most people don't even know it exists. The writer discusses that women playing hockey detract from the aggressive male image associated with male hockey, while at the same time challenging every tenet of the gender binary. The writer concludes that teenagers should be taught parenting skills of which an important part should be examining and unlearning the sexism they have already learned from society.

The Issue
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Explanation for the Issue and Plan of Action

From the Paper:

"Thus, as soon as a woman is strong and brave, she is suddenly a suspect! No wonder no one pays any attention to Canada's women hockey players!
"What is the solution to this? Clearly, there has to be an education program to combat the enduring belief in biological essentialism. Children need to be taught from a very young age that all people are capable of all attributes. They need to understand that the various human qualities are a virtual smorgasbord, from which they can freely choose, regardless of their gender. They need to be exposed to role models of adults who transcend the usual norms."

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