Secrecy, Unaccountability and the Power of First Ministers Persuasive Essay by Nicky

Secrecy, Unaccountability and the Power of First Ministers
An argument that governmental regulation in Canada is excessive.
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The paper examines the political system in Canada, including the Canadian First Minister, and the Provincial Premieres. The paper also looks at the Canadian government's policies and programs, specfically, the impact of the minimum wage and gender equality policies. The paper argues that the Prime Minister and the Provincial Premiers hold too much power and stand in the way of democracy.

Government Policies and Programs in Canada
Much Needed Democracy - A Study of the Effects

From the Paper:

"In Canada, those who are running for office in the government have limits to the amount of airtime that they can purchase for paid political advertising. There is no limit to the free direct access that they can receive, however (Carver, 2001). As Canada is actually a Federation, saying 'the government' can refer to federal, municipal, or provincial government. The Canadian Government does have some programs and policies that are socialistic in nature, however, and that is taking away from the democracy that would actually benefit them. One of these socialistic programs is the Canada Learning Bond. This is designed to help families that do not have a lot of money when they want to save for their child's education (Canada, 2008). It is money that is put in trust with the child as the named beneficiary. Unfortunately, the lifetime amount offered is only $2000 and if a family starts making more money - enough that they are over the limit for the benefit - they will stop getting any more money put into their account (Canada, 2008).
"While any little bit can be helpful, it is certainly easy to see that $2000 will not go far at all when it comes to educating a child. Colleges and universities are very expensive, and in many of them that amount of money would not even cover a semester of school. In order to be truly helpful, a program like this one would have to allow for much more money (Bernier, 2005)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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