Same-Sex Couples' Adoption Persuasive Essay by KatiaK

Same-Sex Couples' Adoption
A discourse arguing the advantages and issues involved in permitting same-sex couples the right to legally adopt children.
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The paper discusses facts concerning children raised by same-sex couples and focuses on the effects on the children of growing up in a same-sex parented household. The paper states that there are no significant negative effects of lesbian or gay parents on children's mental, social, emotional and sexual development. The paper comments that the negative effects that do occur are very small and are a product of a stigmatizing and discriminating society that does not view same-sex relationships as equal to opposite-sex relationships. The paper concludes that to deny same-sex couples the right to adopt will only perpetuate society's discrimination of homosexuals and continue to create a vicious cycle of stigma and inequality.

From the Paper:

"These differences have been mostly explained due to the nature of the same-sex parenting relationship. In same-sex households, children may acquire higher levels of empathy due to their more frequent experiences of social stress, stigma or harassment due to their family composition. Instead of reacting to these forms of discrimination with increased societal withdrawal, children of same-sex parents have been found to express themselves as being more tolerant of all members of society and more understanding of the pain and suffering of others. In addition, their increased comfort with their own sexuality has been attributed to the fact that the majority of same-sex parents do not have expectations for their children in terms of what their sexual orientation will be and are much more open minded to the variety of sexual orientations that exist. "

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