Salary Caps in Professional Sports Persuasive Essay by Master Researcher

Salary Caps in Professional Sports
A look at the effectiveness of salary caps regarding professional athletes.
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Published on Oct 03, 2003 in Sport (General)

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This paper explores the use of salary caps in respect to professional athletes in order to demonstrate their effectiveness. The paper explains the pros and cons of salary caps and argues that caps level a playing field where all teams have access to all players at around the same price. The paper contends that keeping the cap is necessary for the welfare of the game, and encourages comparable play throughout the many various teams and franchises.

The Salary Cap and Professional Sports
Why the Salary Cap is Necessary

From the Paper:

"Salary caps are a mechanism that helps ensure that the players could not promote their salaries at a cost that was far above that of their peers, and also helped to ensure that professional sports was competitive in that a lack of economic motivators helped to encourage a given player to remain active on their home team, rather than changing teams frequently in the hopes of profiting. However, through the salary cap also was unfair to the players, where it limited the amount of money that a player could earn in the industry. This was the major argument against the salary cap, where all players earned a comparable salary despite their performance. Such conditions were glaringly unfair for the true professional athlete, for this was after all their profession and those that were exceptional players should have the ability to earn funds above those of players that were inferior in terms of playing ability. "Capping" salaries placed a ceiling on the amount of money that could be given to any one player, and this means that the best player was subject to a form of "glass ceiling" discrimination where they made a salary comparable to inferior players. Also, as the number of franchises was limited for several decades (right up through the 1980s), players found that they could not seek out higher pay in a competing market. Essentially, the players found their hands were tied in terms of achieving salaries above a predetermined level."

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