Rethinking Airport Security Persuasive Essay by Nicky

A review of the local airport for its setup, the way that it handles emergencies, and what can be done to improve it in the future.
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Published on Dec 31, 2011 in Hot Topics (Terror and 9/11) , Aviation, Aeronautics (General)

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The paper discusses the hub and spoke design of most airports and explains that while it is convenient, it does not allow many of the larger airports the luxury of evacuating only a small section should a problem arise. The paper addresses the problems with screening machines and the limitations of those who run them and also looks at the inconvenience often sustained by passengers due to security needs. The paper offers detailed recommendations on how airports can change their design and security measures.

The Hub and Spoke System and Airport Security
Screening and Breaches of Security
How the Airport Needs to Change

From the Paper:

"One of the main problems with airport security is that many airports are designed on what is called the hub and spoke system, including the local airport. In other words, most of the airport is located in one central hub, and the concourses going to different airlines go out from that hub like spokes on a wheel. Because of this, it is very difficult to close off just one area if there is a problem at the airport. It would seem that it would be easy -- just block off one of the spokes -- but that is actually not an effective strategy.
"The problem with that argument is that individuals who are planning terrorist activities and are trying to board a plane are still in the hub when their baggage and person is checked. They have usually not made their way down one of the spokes yet. Because of the fact that they are still in the hub, they are around a large number of other passengers who are waiting to get their bags checked and are performing other activities while waiting for a plane such as making phone calls, getting a snack, or browsing in the gift shop."

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