Reorganizing and Consolidating Bureaucracy in America Persuasive Essay

Reorganizing and Consolidating Bureaucracy in America
A review of the state and impact of the bureaucracy in the United States.
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This paper explores bureaucracy in America and focuses on its disadvantages. The paper discusses the changes that would simplify bureaucratic operations and how these changes would affect various government agencies. The paper then considers how to achieve efficiency in bureaucracy and explains how improved efficiency will improve various sectors of the American economy.

From the Paper:

"To begin with, there has to be accountability in all bureaucratic systems. With accountability it means that no one would just impose rules, regulations and procedures for no good reason. In addition, in cases where bureaucratic systems violate the constitution or go against individual rights, someone has to be accountable and stand the risk of either losing their job or jail terms. This would be an efficient process to ensure that all rules governing certain actions and events are up to the task and are not just implemented to frustrate people. Moreover, accountability would ensure that individuals who go about making rules do not go against the constitution, which is very essential for fair running of the country.
"Other than accountability, there should be proper review of all functional systems in the United States to ensure bureaucrats do not formulate rules that violates individual rights. This can be achieved by setting a committee that will oversee all activities within organizations and come up with best rules for each particular activity. In addition, current bureaucratic systems that frustrate people and hinder progress in the public sector should be done away with in this process. For instance, in the military, bureaucracy exists which allows it to operate smoothly. However, military bureaucracy allows personal initiative; this means that individuals are able to act independently provided whatever they do produces good results. In this case, variations in the rules would require that military personnel who violates individual rights risk being dishonored and at the same time would be highly recognized if they succeed."

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