Religion and Sexism: A Look at the Southern Baptist Convention Persuasive Essay by Lady Sleuth

Religion and Sexism: A Look at the Southern Baptist Convention
This paper presents a look at the use of religion as a platform to justify sexism, concentrating on the Southern Baptist Convention.
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In this article, the writer maintains that a majority of the traditional, organized religions serve to propagate the subjugation of women through several different venues. The writer focuses on the Southern Baptist Convention, an organization which has been in existence since 1845 and began in Augusta, Georgia. The Southern Baptist Convention's history of promoting sexism through the reinforcement of sexist ideals as reported by their own policies is specifically examined. The writer discusses that while claiming that women are equal in value to men, they clearly deny women the right to serve in pastoral leadership. The writer personal experiences with the consequences of the literal translation of the scriptures that relegate the woman's Biblical duty to submit to her husband are also discussed. The writer concludes that everyone should seek personal integrity to know and understand for themselves else will there be no change, no progress; only more of the same hate and intolerance and abuse that has masked itself as religion for century upon century.

From the Paper:

"This is hypocrisy and duplicity in its absolute purest form and little more than sexism wrapped up in niceties, lip service, and given the authority of a Divine mandate. We are expected to believe then that God, as the Southern Baptist conceive of him, is in the business of assigning positions based on what sex you happen to be. How wonderful if you happen to be a man and are interested in keeping the power and the privilege that comes with that particular declaration. How clearly tragic should you happen to be a woman who believes herself to be called to serve in every capacity and in every position in the ministry to find that your calling does not have merit or worth because you had the unfortunate happenstance of being born without male genitalia. How devastating to ones sense of purpose and of value and of inherent ability and worth it would be to be a young woman growing up in this world. To be cognizant of the fact that others see you as being limited in not only what you can do, but what "God", or your creator if that is what you believe, says that you are allowed to do based on the fact that you are a female lends the voice of infinite power and finality to man's suppositions."

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