Religion and Religious Guidelines: Good or Bad? Persuasive Essay by TPatel

Religion and Religious Guidelines: Good or Bad?
An examination of the extent to which religion might be valuable in solving the world's problems today.
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This paper provides a definition of religion and discusses some of the major world religions such as Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity, their history and some of the problems inherent in each of them. The author discusses some of the significant philosophical differences between them, and notes that the widespread dispute over religious beliefs has in many cases caused the problems in today's world. Even so, religion can guide society towards solutions by providing people with a reason to do the right thing and by teaching them to face issues head-on rather than to ignore problems until they are beyond solving.The paper concludes that at the micro level there are too many different religions and differing philosophies to use one as a framework for the solution of contemporary predicaments. However, at the macro level, if the differences are ignored, the broad similarities between various religions could provide a sound moral and workable guide to the critical issues in our society.

From the Paper:

"This widespread dispute over religious beliefs has, in many cases, been the cause of the problems observed in today's world. The issue of abortion is really only an issue because there are people who, due to their religious beliefs, feel that it should not be allowed. The problem of terrorism largely exists because many Muslims believe that according to their religion, all the infidels must be destroyed and that the whole world should be brought under the rule of Islamic law. How then, can such a flawed institution be a decent foundation for fixing contemporary problems?"

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