Reducing Stress for Parents of Preschoolers Persuasive Essay by Nicky

This paper presents tips for reducing stress in parents with preschool children.
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The paper looks at the needs of babies in their first year of life and then addresses the preschool age of 3-5 years. The paper discusses the need for fathers to be involved in the child's life, the need to read age-appropriate books and the need to control the watching of television. The paper also notes the merits of parents keeping themselves physically and mentally fit and sharing responsibilities for the preschool child. The writer of the paper uses a family friend as an example to highlight the importance of routine, nutrition, discipline and cognitive development through parental participation in reducing stress.

From the Paper:

"A couple of years ago there was a story about a little boy who was kicked out of his Pre-K class for being complete out of control. The immediate reaction of many people reading the article might have been to immediate wonder if the child or the parents were out of control, because the lack of applied parenting skills often produces out of control children. It is not necessarily that the parents are lax, or not interested in parenting their child, it could simply be that the parents are at a loss as to how to be a parent. What comes naturally for many of parents, does not necessarily come naturally to all of parents. Esther J. Calzada, Sheila M. Eyberg, Brendan Rich, and Jane G. Querido (2004) say that preschooler disruptive behavior often stems from a combination of biological, environmental, and family factors (p. 203). However, I would propose that the biological and environmental factors could be negated with diet, exercise, and family adjustments that create a more focused, nurturing, and child-centric environment, and correct much of the disruptive behavior that the preschooler is manifesting."

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