Recognizing Same-Sex Marriage in Connecticut Persuasive Essay by Peter Pen

Recognizing Same-Sex Marriage in Connecticut
A discussion of the need for the State of Connecticut to recognize marriage between same-sex couples.
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This paper examines the need for the State of Connecticut to allow legal marriages for homosexual couples. It explains how at the moment the only recognition given to same-sex couples is a civil union. The writer interviewed Michael Fiorello, a high school English teacher that is currently in a same-sex relationship, to try and understand why same-sex couples actually want to be married. The writer then discusses, using different sources, how same-sex marriage is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution though marriage in and of itself is. The writer further discusses some of the facts and benefits of same-sex marriage in Connecticut and the United States. The writer believes that is time for the State of Connecticut to realize what it is suppressing and allow homosexual couples the right to a legal and recognized marriage.

From the Paper:

"The Constitution actually has very vague mentioning of marriage; let alone any sort of same-sex marriage. Evan Gerstman, author of Same-Sex Marriage and the Constitution, makes note that the fundamental rights (which include marriage) were derived from the due process clause, which is where one cannot "deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law." And, most justices would ignore the equal protection clause and infrequently mentioned it. (Gerstman, 118) These rights come from the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution, where as it is, the justices of the Supreme Court have a hard time figuring out what that part of the amendment specifically stands for. This does not appear to be all right when it comes to the demands of same-sex couples and their attorneys' attempts to untangle the knots of the Fourteenth Amendment."

Sample of Sources Used:

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