Realism and War Persuasive Essay by Peter Pen

Realism and War
A look at how realisim provides an adequate explanation for major wars.
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This paper looks at how realisim provides a sufficient explanation for both World Wars of the twentieth century and, in fact, can be extended to explain all major wars. The author then cites various texts that focus primarily on the World Wars of the twentieth century, which both serve as prime examples of wars that can be explained by realism. The paper concludes that, as with all theoretical schools of thoughts, realism is flawed, but remains the strongest theory to analyze conflict.

From the Paper:

"World War I was the culmination of European leaders' increasing aggression towards other countries which was fostered by the rising nationalism across the continent. European states jockeyed for economic and imperial power, and the fear of war prompted military alliances and an arms race, which further escalated the tension contributing to the outbreak of war. "Following the Balkan wars of 1912/13, decision-makers in eastern Europe acted more assertively and less cautiously," showing little willingness to negotiate with Vienna. Austria-Hungary, similarly, became anxious about her declining position and used increasingly militant diplomacy. "Having encouraged the creation of the Balkan League and benefited from Serbia's military triumphs, Russian policymakers displayed a new aggressiveness toward their Danubian neighbor." Leaders in Germany grew worrisome about the country's relative status within Europe and found Russia's newfound backbone bothersome. These tensions came to a boil with the Sarajevo assassinations on June 28, 1914 of heir to the Austrian throne Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. Less than a month later, Austria-Hungary and Serbia would be at war, with the rest of Europe following soon thereafter. (Williamson)"

Sample of Sources Used:

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