Race Relations and the Influence of Modern Hollywood Persuasive Essay

Race Relations and the Influence of Modern Hollywood
This paper is an analysis of the relationship between white and black persons in film, and the discrepancy between that relationship and reality.
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Published on Jan 30, 2011 in African-American Studies (Racism) , Film (Analysis, Criticism, Etc.)

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The paper contends that, historically, the relationship between white and black Americans has been rough, but an onlooker would never realize that when watching American films. The paper postulates that "Buddy cop" movies such as Lethal Weapon create biracial police partnerships that never address the issue of race. The paper attempts to examine whether or not depictions of race in movies are truly realistic, or if they are pure fantasy.

From the Paper:

"Extending the hand of friendship to other countries has always been the American way. The current conflict the United States is involved in is fought in a faraway land, because it is fought not for us, but for faraway people. Conversely, Americans have not always been quite so adept at extending that same hand to their fellow countrymen. At the same time many brave soldiers were shipped off to fight for Vietnam, the race riots of the 1960s were at their worst. In today's politically correct world, the media, particularly the motion picture industry, strives to turn its viewers against the truth of racism. ``Buddy films'' are released, creating biracial pairs in shining, flawless friendship. But because of the influence of these films, opportunities and lifelines are lost for the masses of people unrealistically portrayed on the silver screen. There are few films that go against ``the new orthodoxy of friendship'' (DeMott 571) that this paper sets out to prove."

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