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Race Relations
This paper discusses the social and political contexts of race in British North America, the early U.S., in French St. Dominique and Haiti.
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In this article, the writer examines the social and political contexts of race. This paper discusses the impacts of race and racism on society and politics within multiple colonies including in British North America, the early Americas, in French Saint Dominique and Haiti. Specifically the paper analyzes and confirms how race stimulated and maintained a turbulent and disjointed political and social environment during early history and how race was used to define various groups' worth, rights and abilities in early history. The writer discusses that race played a vital role in the shaping of the social and political structure that still exists in many areas of the United States today.

Analysis of Race Relations Early History

From the Paper:

"In the early United States those of European descent were primarily considered white or Caucasian, and anyone of there contrasting color whether black, brown, red or yellow were widely referred to as members of other races. During the time of colonization black generally came to refer to those of African ancestry and brown was often delegated to Hispanics; red clearly referred to native Americans while yellow referred primarily to those of Asian descent. Race played an important role from a social and political context in early U.S. history, where members of the Caucasian race or primarily of European descent were afforded more luxuries, benefits and acceptance than those of other races. Those not clearly of Caucasian descent even if lighter skinned were often relegated to a certain racial heritage even if mixed."

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