Public Service Broadcasting in Australia Persuasive Essay by siskoz

Public Service Broadcasting in Australia
This paper discusses what the role of Public Service Broadcasting in Australia should be.
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In this article, the writer notes that the basic idea behind Public Service Broadcasting in Australia is to serve the public without aiming to make profit. The writer points out that public broadcasters acquire money from the government, which collects taxes, and use this money to make programs for the public. The writer explains that on the other hand, commercial broadcasting's main aim is to produce programs in order to make money. The writer then discusses that the scope of public broadcasting is to cover the area, which the commercial sector of broadcasting does not cover due to the profit concerns. Thus, the writer maintains that Public Service Broadcasting's interests are (or should be) the cultural and social values that can be and must be included into the production, meeting public's needs of broadcasting in terms of education, multicultural affairs and citizenship in a democratic society.

From the Paper:

"In Australia, the ABC and SBS are Public Service Broadcasting channels. They have the advantage of being free of profit making concerns, so they should provide news and current affair programs through regionally specific services. Besides, a diverse range of people who have different tastes or specialized demands should be considered as a matter of concern by Public Service Broadcasting. These public channels are also expected to produce high-quality content, which contains arts and sciences. Therefore, society can benefit from different cultural insights, on the one hand. On the other, the public can be educated on citizenship values and an accurate understanding of democracy. Finally this leads to the creation and development of a national culture and consciousness of being Australian, which includes understanding of multiculturalism and integration of differences."

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