Proper Housing and Treatment for the Criminally Insane Persuasive Essay by Nicky

Proper Housing and Treatment for the Criminally Insane
A discussion on the shortcomings in the criminal justice system with respect to the identification and treatment of the criminally insane.
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The paper argues that many criminals are not given proper treatment and are consequently returned to the mainstream population without any change in their criminally maladjusted behavior. The paper uses the Forensic Hospital in Arizona as an example to demonstrate that an absence of proper maintenance, a dearth of financial resources, deeply outdated facilities and a relative disinterest of society toward these individuals has allowed the institutions housing our criminally insane to deteriorate and become dangerous to both patients and workers. The paper contends that we have a responsibility to maintain facilities that are livable, safe and, most importantly, that actually seize on the opportunity for rehabilitation where such is possible.

From the Paper:

"Sadly, the issue of criminal insanity is rather misunderstood and typically affiliated most directly with deeply dangerous, violent or antisocial behaviors. And quite indeed, many individuals will fulfill these characteristics. However, quite a great deal others who are either today held in facilities for the criminally insane or who have experienced a shuttling from mainstream population to facility and back again that are not necessary dangerous but simply unfit to stand proper trial for crime. This is supported by the findings at a particularly troubled facility for the criminally insane in Arizona called Forensic Hospital. Here, the inmates run the gamut from those who are severely problematic if allowed into society and others who have instead required this type of psychiatric support in the service of sentencing. Accordingly, Reinhart (2007) reports that "with proper medication and therapy, many of them will improve and return to the community, while others may never get out. The severity of their crimes ranges from a mother who burned two of her children to death to a man who violated probation because he was homeless. 'Most of our patients are your typically seriously mentally ill patients who happened to get into legal trouble,' says psychiatrist Tariq Ghafoor, chief of forensic services. 'But because the people here would not understand their rights, they would not get a fair trial.'" (Reinhart, 1)"

Sample of Sources Used:

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