Political Parties and Congress Persuasive Essay by Master Researcher

Political Parties and Congress
An analysis of the influence of the political parties on Congress.
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This paper discusses how the influence of political parties upon the United States Congress is manifested in many ways, but especially through structural aspects, House and Senate rules of procedure, committee assignments, and control of legislation. Most of all, the paper points out, political parties influence Congress through the efforts of the more than five-hundred politicians who hold Congressional office.
The paper then reveals that unfortunately, political partisanship is easily and often the primary element involved in the process of Congressional lawmaking, instead of the pursuit of the national interest.

From the Paper:

"In recent years, the serious flaws in the campaign financing "system" (Winokur) have enabled powerful lobbies such as the National Rifle Association, the American Medical Association, and the American Bar Association to greatly influence Congress when bills related to gun control, national health insurance, and limiting awards in lawsuits are being considered. Despite the righteous denials of everyone involved, these groups donate huge amounts of money to the political party that best represents their interests and expect returns on their investments in the form of favorable laws.
"In recent years, the Republican Party has been able to exert political dominance over the Senate and the House of Representatives through the majorities it won in the elections of 1994 and 1996. Because Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress in 1999, they were able to ignore the wishes of the American public and impeach a twice-elected President of the United States, conduct a trial in the United States Senate that no one watched or thought was necessary, and nearly expel President Clinton from office because he lied about where he touched Monica Lewinsky and what room they were in at the time."

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