Policies to Support the Aging Population in the US Persuasive Essay by scribbler

Policies to Support the Aging Population in the US
An analysis of the financial, political and social repercussions of the aging population in the United States.
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The paper discusses the significance of population aging for the American government in terms of the cost of health care and social care for a progressively larger amount of older citizens who are living longer. The paper relates that there are fewer workers paying taxes while the large Baby Boomer generation is starting to retire and is expecting to live off Social Security benefits. The paper looks at the Older Americas Act (OAA) and considers what could lessen the gap between the needs that retired people have and the resources that are available. The paper emphasizes the need for a plan that will allow for more funds to be available as the population continues to age at an augmented rate, and argues that these people have paid into this system their entire lives; they deserve to reap the benefits from it when it comes their time to retire.

From the Paper:

"In the United States, the percentage of people older than age sixty five to those in the total labor force is expected to rise from .24 in 2005 to .34 by 2020 (Fenge, DeMenil, & Pestieau, 2008). During this time there will be fewer and fewer prospective workers per retiree, just as the economic and social costs of an aging population are going up. Without policy and behavioral alterations, the economic burden on individual people and taxpayers will go up dramatically. The personal monetary burden will also go up as people spend additional years in retirement and reach older and older ages, with bigger needs for personal care and other services (Hayutin, Dietz and Mitchell, 2010).
"Soon there will be more elderly people than children. This shift in the direction of older age groups isn't just about the baby boomers, and it isn't just about elder citizens. Instead, population aging is a chief force with financial, political and social repercussions for the full society. Americans are living longer and healthier lives. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a child born nowadays can expect to live seventy years. By the year 2050 life expectancy at birth is expected to be 83. At the same time that people are living longer, they are also having lower rates of disability and poverty than prior generations. These accomplishments are thought to have driven major changes and choices in families, workplaces and neighborhoods."

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