Percival as a Good Christian Knight Persuasive Essay by scribbler

Percival as a Good Christian Knight
An argument that Percival, a knight from King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, must be admired for trying his best.
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Published on May 30, 2013 in Literature (World)

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The paper posits that Percival, one of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, is an excellent example of a man who sets out with the best of intentions but does not always come through. The paper discusses how this does not mean that he is a bad man; on the contrary, Percival emerges as an honorable knight and we see how he perseveres and constantly seeks to improve. The paper asserts that the attribute we must admire in Percival is how he does his best; he is limited with what he can do and rather than be angry or bitter about it, he joins in the cause and does what he can to make things good and right for all. The paper emphasizes the message of this story that when the mind is focused on the right things, doing one's best is enough.

From the Paper:

"Percival is a different kind of hero because he is human and we can tell he is human by the decisions he makes. He endures many rough circumstances, yet he does not waver from his goal. Even as he as attacked by the men in the forest, he does not give up. He is human, however, and this tends to get the best of him in that he does not always make the wisest decisions or he makes discoveries too late. For example, when he realizes the horse he is riding is a fiend, he forces it into the water, leaving himself stranded on an island. When he realizes the gift was a "fiend" (Malory 554), he "prayed all night till on the morn when it was day" (554). Even as the lady confronts Percival about killing her serpent, he is quick to tell he "never offended you or any lady" (555). When she questions him, he explains that he killed the lion because it had a "more gentle nature than the serpent" (555). When she insists that he make amends for what he did, he declines, never moving from his original position. Here we see how he remains true to his impressions, even as she threatens him."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Malory, Thomas. Le Morte Darthur. New York: Collier Books. 1982. Print.

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