Pablo Escobar and the War on Drugs Persuasive Essay by Nicky

Pablo Escobar and the War on Drugs
An argument that the United States' War on Drugs has, ironically, led to the ruthlessness of drug lords like Pablo Escobar.
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The paper argues that the War on Drugs has been remarkable in that it has actually helped to create some of the worst aspects of the drug trade. The paper contends that the United States' role in the militarization of the state of Colombia provided the motive, impetus and support structure for the notorious drug lord, Pablo Escobar. The paper describes how this militarization perpetrated first by the United States and its allies in the Colombian government, elevated Escobar during the 1980s as a wealthy businessman and an uncommon arbiter of brutality. The paper contends that the tactics of extremity which are part and parcel of the War on Drugs only lead to more extreme tactics by drug lords like Escobar.

From the Paper:

"It has often been a centerpiece of conservative American governance to attempt at making inroads to beating substance abuse. Its approach, however, is one that has rarely acted in direct response to the symptoms of addiction, social penetration of drug use or the demand for pragmatism in a heavily nuanced debate. Instead, drug policy as law is typically pursued in this country with an impetus that is somewhat incongruous to the actual nature of the problem. In seeming contrast to everything that clinical science has illustrated to be true about the formation, sustenance and diminishment of chemical dependency or recreational drug use, the United States' more right-leaning leaders have made the nation an international bastion for militant and draconian policies in combating import, trade and use of illegal drugs. This is an effort which has taken place under the umbrella term, the War on Drugs. Since its inception during the Nixon presidency in 1971, this war has been a jewel in the crown of many Republican Administrations as well as a fulcrum which had drawn massive criticism from civil libertarians."

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